Leather Puppy Hood

The Leather Puppy Hood gives puppy a sense of anonymity and purpose that makes it easy to go deeper into canine mode than ever before. 


Playful ears are reinforced with shapeable metal stays that allow you to point bend and mold them to suit a pup’s mood. Point them straight up for your watchdog. Put a half bend in the ears to show off puppy’s playful side. Bend them completely down when puppies been bad. 

Snap muzzle can be removed when puppy wants to bite. Handlers, you are in control. Once the muzzle is off, pup has full mouth ability for food, water and gnawing on ‘bones.’ 


Three snaps on the muzzle mean you can undo just one or two to let puppy play with his chew toys and still have his muzzle attached. 

Sewn brow lends a realistic profile to puppy’s face. Laced back makes getting a pup in and out of this hood quick and easy. Just slip it over his head, lace it up and let puppy go play. Lacing allows you to adjust the fit so puppy is comfortable. 

Available in two sizes based on brow circumference:
Medium: 22-23 inches
Large:     24-25 inches


To measure your brow, place the measuring tape just above the eyebrow and wrap the tape straight around the head. 

Leather Puppy Hood

Colors:: Black
Contrast Muzzle Color
  • This product is also custom made as per your measurements in your choice of color. Turnaround time on a custom made product is generally 3-4 weeks. We charge 15% additional cost for made-to measure and further 15% additional for other than Black color. (Displayed Price are based on black color)