Deluxe Leather Sleep Sack

Deluxe All-Leather Sleep sack Made of the Finest quality leather The All Leather Sleep sack covers your entire body from the Neck to the Feet. When you are Zipped into the Leather cocoon and then the laces are pulled over the zipper, you are squeezed tightly and evenly the entire length of your body The feeling is one of total helplessness. With your arms and hands secured inside the Inner sleeves at your sides, you can't reach or touch anything. Our Sleep sacks are equipped with 30 small metal D-rings down the front which allows you to lace the sack very tightly.


Rings along the sides of the Sack to holds a set of leather belts in place. Using these 6 belts allows you to make the Sleep sack Even tighter then with just the lacing. These 12 rings also give you access points for suspending the Sleep sack Horizontally. When doing this be Sure to use the Belts through these D-rings for extra strength.


Sleep sacks have been designed with a single long zipper, running the entire length of the sleep sack from neck to ankles. The zipper has three Runners, so the zipper can be opened anywhere along its length! This will give you complete access to the victims Cock and Balls even while he is still tightly encased. The foot of the sleep sacks has also been designed to be a simpler, more natural, and comfortable extension of the sleep sack. This 3-Runner zipper design makes putting Yourself into a sleep sack even easier making this Great for Solo Bondage.


With shoulder or ankle suspension, or both. We think this is the most enjoyable way to hang in there - tightly encased in the leather and floating in space. The suspension straps are additions that must be added when ordering the sleep sack. Please note that you cannot have tit flaps added to the sleep sack if you order shoulder suspension as the shoulder straps cross over the chest. You can still use the sleep sack in a horizontal position even with the suspension strap added.


Options you can add to any of our Leather Sleep sack Extras:

1) Leather lining (Charge Additional 80%)
We add a thin layer of soft leather to the inside of the sleep sack to better enhance the comfort.

2) Shoulder Suspension (no tit flaps) (Charge Additional 15%)
The sleep sack was designed for long sessions. Suspended by the shoulders and with fix Body leather Straps.

3) Ankle Suspension (Charge Additional 15%)
Suspending a body upside-down can be a challenge for even the most dedicated masochist with fix body leather straps. This makes it easy.

3) Tit Flaps (No Shoulder Suspension) (Charge Additional 10%)
Get access to those nipples. They become even more sensitive when that's the only area of your body that can feel skin-on-skin contact. Leather flaps snap closed when not in use.

4) Set of Body Straps (Charge Additional 30%)
Six top-quality 1-1/4" wide straps fit around the chest, waist hips, above and below the knees and at the ankles to further intensify the experience!


Deluxe Leather Sleep Sack

Colors:: Black
  • This product is also custom made as per your measurements in your choice of color. Turnaround time on a custom made product is generally 3-4 weeks. We charge 15% additional cost for made-to measure and further 15% additional for other than Black color. (Displayed Price are based on black color)