All Leather Straightjacke

This straightjacket is one of the finest pieces of bondage equipment available. Once inside, with your arms crossed and pinned to you, six buckles cinch tightly behind you, and straps reach around you and up through your crotch.


Luxuriating in an all leather strait jacket is the ultimate in tight-strapped bondage. Adding heavy leather padding to the elbows and hands can further enhance the sensory isolation of the experience. And for nipple play, tit flaps can be added.

This variation of the traditional straitjacket allows arms to be crossed in the front in the usual way, or to be crossed Behind the back, or strapped down to the sides of the body.

Options you can add to any of our Leather Straitjackets:


  • Heavy Padding: (Charge Additional 10%)
    Heavy padding is added to the hand and elbow area to keep hands from trying to work at any buckles.
  • Heavy Quilted Padding: (Charge Additional 15%)
    Heavy padding in hand and elbow areas, stitched with diamond pattern.
  • Leather Lining: (Charge Additional 80%)
    Soft leather lining added to inside of straitjacket
  • Tit Flaps: (Charge Additional 10%)
    Tit flaps give access to another play area on the straitjacketed victim, but give a slightly less restricting feel to the straitjacket.


All Leather Straightjacke

Colors:: Black
  • This product is also custom made as per your measurements in your choice of color. Turnaround time on a custom made product is generally 3-4 weeks. We charge 15% additional cost for made-to measure and further 15% additional for other than Black color. (Displayed Price are based on black color)